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OTPL provides technical, product and marketing support to the following products and solutions from the leading manufactures from across the globe. Infact, we have arrangements with several Indian & European firms, for items to be rightly manufactured, inspected and supplied.

Project - Passenger Information System :

The requirements to be met by modern passenger information systems in trains have increased tremendously in recent years. Passengers expect all-round service with comprehensive route and connection information. The complexity and variety of this information mean that it is no longer possible for train drivers to manage information processing and display at the right time; instead, this task has to be handled automatically by passenger information systems.

VisiWeb, a sound basis
Ruf Telematik AG is a well-known supplier of complete solutions in the field of passenger information and passenger safety for rail vehicles. Its VisiWeb product range includes the following main components:

>> PIS process computer with operator terminals
>> System-internal and external communication
>> (Ethernet topology, PoE switch, LAN, WLAN, GPRS, IBIS, UIC, etc.)
>> Acoustic systems
>> Display systems
>> LED, DOT-LED and LCD line displays
>> TFT monitors
>> Video surveillance systems
>> Emergency intercom and information systems
>> Passenger counting systems
>> Seat reservation systems
>> Infotainment systems

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