Electrical & Mass Rapid Transit System & Projects

OTPL provides technical, product and marketing support to the following products and solutions from the leading manufactures from across the globe. Infact, we have arrangements with several Indian & European firms, for items to be rightly manufactured, inspected and supplied.

Engineering Equipments :

1. Speed Sensors for Locomotives

The sensors in the Sensorline portfolio contain sensors for speed and length based on the principle of magnetic measurement and resistance thermometer for measuring temperature. They have stood the test of time in the field for over 30 years, even under the harshest of operating conditions.

Speed sensors are designed for installation in drives as an alternative to the conventional encoders. They are contactless and are equipped with a magnetic scanning system which, in conjunction with a toothed wheel as measuring scale permits the measurement of rotary motion. This solution is exceptionally space saving. Some of the Sensors are pictorially represented below :

GEL 247 Contact-less
2-channel speed sensor
GEL 2475
2-channel speed sensor
GEL 2471 Contact-less
2-channel speed sensor
GEL 2476
2-channel speed sensor
GEL 2472 Contact-less
2-channel speed sensor
GEL 2477 Contact-less
2-channel speed sensor
GEL 2474 Contact-less
1-channel speed sensor
GEL 2478
2-channel speed and position sensor

2.  Speed Sensors for Wind Turbines

Rugged controls and sensors for wind turbines

The wind energy technology as a fairly new way of energy generation competes against convential ways of energy production. For this purpose, state of the art wind turbines are needed. For years now, Lenord+Bauer products contribute to the efficiency of on- and offshore wind mills all over the world. The special requirements are at the same time the strengths of their products. Strokes of lightning, high humidity, extreme temperatures (heat and cold-weather-conditions), salty air and extreme mechanical stress are just a few demands on- and offshore.

Applications and products

The products from Lenord+Bauer maybe used for diverse applications. For instance, their Motionline products offer pitch control solutions but also qualify for numerous other subsystems in wind mills. Their sensors are applicable for sensing speed of generators or angle positions of hubs or rotor blades. Compared to optical sensors our non-aging, wearless magnetic measurement principle offers numerous advantages. Some of the products are as follows:

Multiturn Absolute Rotary Encoder GEL 235
Singleturn Absolute Rotary Encoder GEL 2351
Mutliturn Absolute Rotary Encoder GEL 2035
Speed Sensors Series GEL 247

Project - Passenger Information System :

The requirements to be met by modern passenger information systems in trains have increased tremendously in recent years. Passengers expect all-round service with comprehensive route and connection information. The complexity and variety of this information mean that it is no longer possible for train drivers to manage information processing and display at the right time; instead, this task has to be handled automatically by passenger information systems.

VisiWeb, a sound basis
Ruf Telematik AG is a well-known supplier of complete solutions in the field of passenger information and passenger safety for rail vehicles. Its VisiWeb product range includes the following main components:

>> PIS process computer with operator terminals
>> System-internal and external communication
>> (Ethernet topology, PoE switch, LAN, WLAN, GPRS, IBIS, UIC, etc.)
>> Acoustic systems
>> Display systems
>> LED, DOT-LED and LCD line displays
>> TFT monitors
>> Video surveillance systems
>> Emergency intercom and information systems
>> Passenger counting systems
>> Seat reservation systems
>> Infotainment systems

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  1. Speed Sensors from Lenord + Bauer offer the perfect solution for practically any task, such as rotary speed, rotary motion or temparature measurement.

  2. Ruf - Visiweb :: Passenger Information System.

  3. Current and Voltage Sensor

  4. Blocking Diode