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                                                     Products for Lithium batteries

In modern-day times lithium ion batteries are necessary and are getting increasingly fundamental. The battery is the coronary heart of every electric vehicle. Lithium system can be relied on for lithium cells / modules / packs and add-ons. The goods are all licensed

Lithium system has specialized in lithium batteries for industrial use. By a consistent exchange with our manufacturers and suppliers we assure an notable constant nice. Specifically all cells / modules / packs meet the strict necessities of un 38.Three. 

           Excellent quality

Completely automated manufacturing ensures that the cells are of consistent excellent and are used in hundreds of electrical vehicles round the sector. Further, the producers are iso9001 and iso14001 licensed.

     Exclusive Distribution


As exceptional distribution partner for India we are able to promote smaller portions below 10’000 portions of expert cells and modules.

         Indian warehouse

With our large warehouse, we can quickly and easily deliver the desired cells.

EV Charging Station


DC Charging station DCS-xx-CCS

         Tested safety


The cells undergo many exams to present the finest possible safety. All lithium-ion cells are at the least un38.Three and msds examined. Even greater, depending on the producer.

                   Fast Support


Through years of experience with lithium-ion batteries, our staff can offer optimal support.


Here are the most important features of the charging station:

60kW and 150kW models

50-1000V DC, 200A

Variant 1: One connection CCS2

Variant 2: Two connections, 2x CCS2 or CCS2 / CHAdeMO

2x CCS2 possible at the same time, 60 / 90kW with 150kW model

Optional AC type 2, 22kW

RFID card reader

Optional 4G / WIFI

OCPP 1.6J standard

IEC-61851 and IEC-62196 standard
Company parking lots, hotels, shops etc.

Attractive price / performance ratio


Installation by any licensed electrician

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