The OTPL Group has been associated  for more than a decade with the following companies across the globe. A brief profile of these companies and their line of business is enumerated below.

Ruf Telematik, a Ruf Group division based at Schlieren in Switzerland, is the leading manufacturer of passenger information systems (PIS) for trains and public transport. The focal point of activities conducted by Ruf Telematik lies in the development and realization of complete system solutions for public transport. These are based on digital technology and are modular by design, meaning that their functionality and scope can be adapted to the most diverse operator requirements. The product portfolio includes on-board computers, control panels and displays in the driver‘s cab, indicators, monitors, acoustic components, emergency and information intercom stations, passenger counting systems, video surveillance and transmission equipment for mobile vehicle connection. The system range is topped off with software tools for staff training, schedule compilation and video analysis. All system components communicate via Industrial Ethernet and have been designed for the demanding requirements prescribed in railway operations.

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